Mark Rea's horseshoe crabs

Mark Rea's horseshoe crabs

"This work is my tribute to an old friend and an ancient species," sculptor Mark Rea says of his horseshoe crabs.

"I did a lot of my growing up exploring Nantucket harbor on very small sail craft. These old souls were at nearly every beach landing, moving like shadows just below me in the shallows."

Mark Rea's horseshoe crabs are cast in high fire stoneware from outgrown shells collected in the spring.


Mark creates plaster molds from the specimens and casts them with a stoneware slip.


Don't forget the tails!


They say if you put a horseshoe crab on your wall, you have an instant beach house. 



You can see Mark's horseshoe crabs in Wellfleet, or online



Susan Blood

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