Lalla Bracelet


by: Erika Honig


Erika Honig grew up in northern Sweden where she learned this unique handcraft of using pewter thread embroidery to make jewelry as a young girl. "When I moved to California I brought materials with me so I could make bracelets as a hobby and for gifts. Quickly I noticed a interest in my jewelry and a curiosity for this handcraft and it’s history. I started my own business and sell my jewelry to stores nationwide and exhibit regularly at art shows and festivals. My jewelry keeps me connected to my roots back home and to fellow Scandinavians in the US and I divide my time between the two continents."

My jewelry is a combination of rustic Nordic handcraft and modern simplicity. It can be worn by anyone, men, women and children. I put a lot of work and soul into each piece and I hope that my customers will enjoy wearing my jewelry as much as I do. A piece of jewelry you might wear everyday and never take off or only at special occasions. 


The pewter thread I use for my jewelry was invented by the Saamis.and has been used by them for decorating their clothing and jewelry ever since the 16th century. The pewter thread which is coiled around a nylon thread is a nickel free alloy with 4% silver.

I braid the coil into different braids and sew them by hand with a clear nylon thread onto a strong, durable and soft reindeer hide. The hide is vegetable tanned and will not discolor your skin, for closure a reindeer antler button is used. All my materials are hand picked from local sources in northern Sweden and of highest quality.