Northern Striped Bass


 by Matthew Smith

Copper Block etching

Each hand-made etching is framed and fitted to museum quality standards. The piece is then fitted into a hand-made cherry frames.

11" x 17" framed

From an early age, Matthew Smith was fascinated by fish and fishing, and as a youngster he set his sights on a career in the fishing business. After high School Matthew spent two years at the University of Rhode Island and graduated with an associates degree in fisheries management. Upon finishing his degree, Matthew packed a bag and went to sea where he would make his mark as a successful commercial fisherman. 

After ten years at the helm, Matthew reached a crucial turning point in life following an around the world trip to study fishing techniques. He realized the very real global problem of over fishing and that he was a key contributor. From that point forward Matthew's quest has been to establish a connection to the seas and nature through his prints and sculptures.

Since 1987, Matthew has been striving every day to produce a strong, good looking, easy to appreciate print. All of his prints are made with the finest of inks, oils, and traditional papers and matted and framed to museum quality standards. These qualities give the potential collector or gift giver the secure confidence they enjoy when purchasing an original print by Matthew Smith.

Represented at Commercial Street: 508.349.9451 and  Cove Road, Orleans 508.247.9172