Artist Spotlight: Ed Chesnovitch

Artist Spotlight: Ed Chesnovitch

Just how many views can you find within walking distance of your home? If you're Ed Chesnovitch, the possibilities are endless.

"Everything I paint is really close to my home," he says "I don't need to go too far. It's the light. The atmosphere. Most of my paintings either have a saturated light, or a lack of light. The color and the light. That's what draws me to them."

He never tires of the views around him. They are different all the time, he says. It's bright one minute, and fog-soaked the next. Add tides to the combination of factors, and you have the perfect model - constantly changing, but always right there.

Ed Chesnovitch, a Cape Cod based artist, is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and has studied extensively at TheArt Students League of New York, and the Cape Cod School ofArt, Provincetown, Massachusetts. He is a juried elected Signature Member of the Pastel Society ofAmerica in Gramercy Park, New York City, and both a Signature Member and sits on the board as Vice President of the Pastel Painters Society of Cape Cod. In 2012 his work received Honorable Mention in the top 100 pastelist’s in the magazine publication Pastel Journal. His work is also included in the new Deborah Forman book Contemporary Cape Cod Artists: Images of Land and Sea, (Schiffer Publishing 2013). Works are included in both public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.

"Color & Light are the focus of my pastel paintings which evoke an underlying current of energy, captured in nature, at extreme and fleeting moments. My goal is to record the atmospheric conditions and envelope of light with strong contrast values and graphic compositions. I am not a detached observer, but rather a participant expressing my profound feelings... this spiritual connection and reverence to nature... and the wonder and beauty of the landscape fascinates me endlessly." - Ed Chesnovitch



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