A virtual stroll through the Orleans gallery

A virtual stroll through the Orleans gallery

We've been busy and just couldn't wait to share a sneak peek at the gallery in Orleans. We're thrilled to welcome back artists you've known for years, and introduce you to a few new talents. Have a look....

SP Goodman

Paintings: SP Goodman
Bowls: Thomas Marrinson


Paintings: Denise Zompa
Wall Sculpture: Jan Jacques
Bronze sculptures: Peter Dransfield


Paintings: Laurel Oswald Clark
Wall Sculpture: George Peterson/Circle Factory


Paintings: Ed Chesnovitch
Sculptures: Ellen Clancy
Tables: Sequoia (left); David Kiernan (right)


Paintings: Mark Brennan (and one Ed Chesnovitch)
Glass Bowl: Kingston Glass Studio
Table: John Farrar


Ellen Granter

Paintings: Fay Shutzer, Ellen Granter, Linda Cordner
Glass Bowls: Hudson Beach Glass
Throws: Textillery Weavers

If you've been away for the winter, are planning a summer vacation, or are right down the street, we look forward to seeing you soon!

(Top image: Del-Bourree Bach)

Susan Blood