Deborah Howard: Over-Under the surface

Deborah Howard: Over-Under the surface

DEBORAH HOWARD: Over-Under the surface
August 8-14, 2020 | 25 Commercial Street, Wellfleet

Thinly Veiled; great island
oil on baltic birch panel


“I am partial to the places where things show through - in paintings and life.”

"My recent work simplifies this landscape in both composition and palette­­­­–– to bring attention to the history of the piece. Drips, spots, pencil lines, raw edges are allowed to show through, giving a glimpse of the painting process–– to reveal and appreciate the unexpected and imperfect. I find these unplanned elements beautiful, especially in contrast to more resolved areas. And through this approach begin to ask­­–– what is considered flawed and what do you allow people to see." -Deborah Howard, 2020

painting of sky and sea

Underneath the Sky
oil on baltic birch panel
23" x 60"


"Growing up on Cape Cod, and returning here to live, has influenced me greatly– its dynamic and ethereal qualities are an ever-present element in my work. I am drawn to the unpredictability of this environment, which can range from the power of an approaching storm to the calm, stillness that follows."

salt flats and sea

Through the Fog
oil on baltic birch panel
24" x 29.5"

"Black and white line sketches, notes on color, thoughts and ideas are recorded into my sketchbooks. It is these sketchbooks, as well as memories, that become the departure point for each painting. Color, marks and brushstrokes, are built up in layers which are then sanded away to obscure or reveal the history beneath. I work intuitively until a final layer of suggested imagery emerges and strive to transcend the traditional landscape into one that evokes feeling."


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