Eric Silva

Eric Silva

Whenever new jewelry arrives from Eric Silva, we can't wait to see what's new. Since it's handmade from eco-conscious materials like rustic silver, shed antler, recycled wood, and semi-precious stones, we never see the same piece twice.

"My jewelry is about self-examination; revealing pieces of myself through artistic creations," he says. "I draw my inspiration from the often overlooked simplicity of beauty found in the ordinary." 

Eric’s work reflects an individual artistic viewpoint that combines both natural and industrial materials in a small, thoughtfully constructed space. His designs highlight the often-overlooked details found in daily life, speaking to the integrity of the materials themselves. For those who own his work, Eric affirms that a unique bond is forged between artist and owner.

We can personally attest to the bond that forms between the owner and the jewelry.

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Shed antler dangle earring with blue quartz stone


Susan Blood