Graceann Warn virtual tour 2020

Graceann Warn virtual tour 2020

August 1-7 | 25 Commercial Street, Wellfleet

My pieces are painted, drawn and constructed using paper, wax and, sometimes found objects. I like to use images from architecture, science and archaeology in my work. My formal education in landscape architecture and classical archaeology provides structure to artistic flights of fancy that always seem to revolve around some form of revelation or mystery.
-Graceann Warn

New Yorker Set
15 12"x12" panels
encaustic on board

Graceann's work reflects the structural logic of her architectural beginnings as well as her abiding interest in archaeology and science. Her work has been exhibited nationally and internationally and is in the collections of Yale University, Museum of Art and Design, New York, NY, US Embassies in Nairobi and Sarajevo, Pew Charitable Trusts and many others.

Chalkboard Painting
27" x 59" x 1.5"
encaustic on board

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