Leah Giberson 2020 Virtual Opening

Leah Giberson 2020 Virtual Opening

July 18-24, 2020 | 25 Commercial Street, Wellfleet

My current body of work explores the intersection between fact and fiction and the creation of a more personal truth that lives somewhere in between. I begin each piece with a photographic image, which I print in sections, cut up and reassemble onto a panel. I then meticulously paint over the entire layered image, covering up and altering the extraneous while unearthing and accentuating the parts that resonate with me. My process echoes the way we each edit and reconstruct our own memories in an attempt to organize the chaos and find meaning in our experiences. - Leah Giberson

Reflections on Two
16" x 16"
acrylic over photographic print on panel

Though her work typically depicts suburban scenes, Leah Giberson was raised by artists deep in the woods of New Hampshire. She received her BFA in painting from Massachusetts College of Art in 1997 and has lived in Brookline, MA ever since. Her work is included in the permanent collections at the University of Iowa Hospital and the Mary Greeley Medical Center as well as private collections throughout the U.S. and abroad.

Watch a time lapse of Golden Awning in progress here:





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