Anne Gary


  “You can never have enough of nature” ~ Thoreau

My pieces express my joy of studying botanical forms and challenging glaze. The focus of my current work is applying crystalline glazes to natural shapes creating distinctive tableware and accent pieces that capture the elegance and beauty of botanical forms.  Each nature-inspired piece is originally made in porcelain either on the potter’s wheel, hand built or cast and then gently cut, pinched and sculpted to achieve its final form.  

Having a background in engineering and chemistry led to my fascination with mastering the application of crystalline glazes.Crystalline glazes present an artistic wedding of chemistry and nature.  The glaze on these pieces, when fired precisely, grows floral-like crystals. Due to the lengthy time required to master the glaze, the great care that must be taken in formulating, firing and finishing, and the low success rate, very few potters today use this glaze. I find the beauty, depth and fluidity they create to be well worth the challenge. 
~ Anne Gary
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