Brazilian Adventurine Arc Wire Earrings

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Maker :: Terri Logan

One of a kind : Sterling Silver with Bezel Set Brazilian Adventurine Arc Wire Earrings

Dimensions: 1" L x .75" 

"Becoming a jeweler/metalsmith was less than a direct path for me. I was a psychotherapist for eighteen years before I decided to become a full-time artist. Like most of us, I began making art around the age of three. Art was my first real language, my first record of the world and my experiences. By nine, I knew I had some talent, but it wasn't until my twenties that I discovered sculpture.

My work is based on formal concerns, design principles and function. Coming from a fine arts perspective, function is a new and important dimension for me. Coming from a psychological perspective, I make jewelry because of the intimacy the function allows. I use metal and stone (river rocks) because they are inherently strong materials with a rich historic value and intrinsic links to our civilization. Their abundant character, separate or in relation to each other, offers infinite possibilities as a language."

- Terri Logan

Terri Logan has garnered many awards and prestigious gallery placements, including regular representation in the annual SOFA exhibitions. She is a resident of Indiana.