Red Marsh


by Willoughby Elliott

oil on linen

Dimensions: 9.25" x 10.25"

“I am inspired by the complex and varied atmospheric effects that occur when a moisture laden sky is affected by light. The coastal environment can seem at times primordial because of how the basic elements of land, sea sky and light interact with one another. I find a natural rhythm and balance created by the instability of this interaction. I relate to the way that color, mark making, and the layering of paint can be made to suggest a dominant expressive light, defining the space within each of my paintings. The paintings, although derived from specific locations, evolve into idealized spaces, sometimes with an added hint of danger. I believe that my work, through its abstractness, can inform the viewer about our human origins and our relation to the natural world.”

Represented at Commercial Street: 508.349.9451