Grand Cuff Bracelet


Maker:: Christina Kober

Inspired by the stars in the night sky, the Diamond Dusted Grand Cuff twinkles as you move your arm.

With our signature diamond dusted texture cascading down the cuff, the bracelet is an eye-catching piece. We love stacking our diamond dusted grand cuff with a narrow inspiracelet cuff. For added impact, wear with the diamond dusted narrow cuff.

+ grand cuff measures 1/4" (6.4mm) wide
+ handmade with love in our Georgia studio

Imagine for a minute, if you took the culet of the diamond ( the bottom point of the diamond) and hit the metal with it. A tiny impression of the point of the diamond and it’s facets radiating from it would be left in the metal, right? So guess what, that is LITERALLY how we make the diamond dusted texture. We hit the metal hundreds of thousands of times with the culet of the diamond, leaving behind teeny-tiny little culet shaped dents all over the metal.

As light reflects off the facets of the texture, the piece comes to life with shimmering waves of illumination, making it look like it’s been dusted with diamonds…