Small Fish without teeth - assorted colors


 by Paul Sumner

Length 20"

Wood with Aluminum Tail Fins

Colors vary. Please contact gallery for availability: 508-349-9451;

Paul’s work has evolved over the years to become an expression of all his passions, not just his love of the medium of wood.  He began more than 20 years ago as a traditional wood craftsman, making jewelry boxes and furniture.  His interests branched out to explore the textural possibilities of weed, then to color, and on to the addition of other materials until his work became truly mixed-media. 

Paul’s most recent work involves combining metal with wood. An avid antique tin collector, he has used a variety of animal and insect forms as a way to expand his palette to include old tins, which are outstanding for their color and pattern.  The tins also allow him the opportunity to explore the possibility of introducing words in to the visual realm of art.  He likes to hint at meaning or humor using text he extracts from his tins.