Teresa McCue

"My work really has two components: One is the spiritual connection the outdoors holds for me. I am enamored of the sights and sounds of nature: the patterns, the rhythms, the textures, and the almost tangible quality of the light. The other is my enchantment with color. It fascinates me that a certain hue can change depending upon how it is surrounded. I love the richness of deep tones used together. I love the emotion of bright vivid explosions of color and the subtleties of combining softer hues, closely related in value. One mark goes down on the page, which determines the next, and then the next. Gradually, the piece emerges. Sometimes when I stand back from my easel, to see the work in it’s totality, I am surprised by my own creation. It’s as though at some point, the work takes on a life of it’s own. For me, that is the magic of the creative process." -Teresa McCue

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