Flower Basket


By Jason Bohnert

Flower Basket with handle 9" w x 11" h

Jason is a studio potter making soda and wood fired functional stoneware vessels.

 "In my glaze surfaces I am inspired by the rhythms, tones, and textures found in the natural environment.  I enjoy brushwork with slips and blue underglaze, contrasting brightly ornamented calligraphy inspired painting with the bare soda-fired claybody.   Layered slips, glazes, and overglazes, as well as actual textured surfaces in the clay, create landscapes and references to lichen, gourds, flower buds, fish and streams.  I strive to bring a bit of the natural world into the homes of the users and collectors of my pots.  These rich and subtle layers of surface are achieved through the handling of the material itself and are enhanced by atmospheric wood and soda kilns.  The firing process lends organic nature inspired hues and textures from the wood and sodium glaze I introduce at high temperatures. All work is fired to 2400 degrees and is very durable and food safe. I hope to achieve a lasting sense of discovery and purpose in each piece."

- Jason Bohnert