Eric Beck

"Recently, I’ve been exploring a different look to my fish assemblages that I have named the STEAMPUNK SCHOOL. Mostly constructed of metals not corroded or weathered through time, they are colorful and shiny. These new fish are composed of castoff parts from items losing their usefulness over the years. Many of the parts are collected from brass clock movements, old bugles and other discarded metal objects. Within some fish, I’ve included other non-metallic items such as bark, cork, or porcelain for a bit of contrast. The STEAMPUNK SCHOOL has a more polished appearance, not as sharp or rustic as my other fish sculptures." - Eric Beck


Eric Beck arrived on Cape Cod in 1972 when he married a Provincetown native. He has continued to live in Provincetown all these years yet still considers himself a "washashore."  A retired science teacher of 33 years from Provincetown High School, Eric is now able to focus more energy to new projects.

His lifelong relationship with the ocean has helped shape his life. Being an avid sailor and fishermen as well as working summers at the local boatyard has helped form a unique appreciation for the sea. As a skilled craftsman and carpenter it's only natural that his creative outlets began to assemble unusual pieces of furniture and art.

Most recently this art has manifested itself as whimsical fish sculptures created by using old tools, rusted or corroded metal, brass clock parts, as well as broken rudders and nautical items.  These fish reflect an eye for symmetry as well as proportionality, each new piece carefully added after being selected from a collection of rusty castoffs.  Each assemblage is deliberately left in a raw unpolished state with sharp points and edges clearly exposed. After several pieces being well received at a Helltown Gallery showing he became encouraged to continue pursuing this vein of expression. Each fish is unique in its size, shape, and composition, as well as the stories behind some of their parts.