Susan Anthony

"I love the colors of the Cape - the blues of sky and sea mirroring each other, the warm gold of a fall salt marsh, the purple branches of a winter meadow. I think I’m drawn to collage because it is about creating images using primarily color and shape. I use cut paper to create my collages. I search magazines and catalogs for the colors in a landscape. If I need a large area of a particular color I sometimes make color copies of what I’ve found. I cut the paper with small scissors or an Exacto knife and use Sobo glue."

"In my work I’m always looking for new challenges—shifting composition and perspective, adding detail or incorporating architectural elements or figures, using color to evoke a season or a particular kind of light or time of day.  In my new work this exploration continues.  While I continue to immerse myself in my favorite subject matter—the places, shapes, and colors of the Outer Cape which I love so dearly-- I have also been exploring new subject matter, including still life and images echoing the work of some of my favorite artists.  This has meant the chance to work with a lot of new colors (there’s not a lot of bright orange in the typical Outer Cape vista!) and to keep experimenting and pushing into new directions within my collage technique.  Hope you enjoy these Fresh Cuts." -Susan Anthony

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