Tatjana Krizmanic

In Ephemeral Light: Three Visions of Cape Cod, Tatjana Krizmanic will show figurative and abstract oil paintings, and pastels, that comprise her response to a “certain simplicity and purity” she finds in the Cape landscape. The open spaces, soft shapes, subtle hues, and especially the quality of light, found in this new body of work represent an ever-shifting world of dunes, changing shorelines, fertile micro-climates, and unique atmosphere. These paintings offer passing yet penetrating moments of appreciation. 

Her abstract paintings go further and seek to capture the raw immediacy and feeling engendered by this naturally powerful environment of intermingling forces and elements. 

Born in Zagreb, Croatia Tatjana started painting at age fourteen. Since her first exhibit in Boulder, CO, she has built a strong following, and her paintings reside in numerous private collections and museums.

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