~ Set of Two ~ 10" Spalted & Ambrosia Maple Round Bowls

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by Peterman's Boards & Bowls

10” Medium Serving Bowl   (10” x 3”)   Serves 1-3 people 

Perfect for a one person main meal !

The maple tree is beloved throughout New England for it’s wood, syrup and vibrant fall foliage.  Maple wood is characterized by a smooth grain and unique light color.  We upcycle fallen maple trees that are in the early stages of decomposition to get remarkable spalted lines running throughout the wood 

Ambrosia maple wood is characterized by beautiful designs, created, when the Ambrosia beetle bores into a maple tree.  The ambrosia beetle’s markings are surrounded by the smooth grain and light or medium brown color of the maple wood.  The ambrosia beetle symbolizes transformation and good luck.  Each bowl is a unique masterpiece of nature. 

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