#164 Candle Stick Holder


by: Hessel Studios

Copper candle stick

22" tall

Hand forging of copper involves a lot of heat and hammering. After going over the surface numerous times with high heat torches and different hammers, the desired shape and texture is achieved. We combine techniques and tools from both wrought iron and jewelry traditions to create designs of an interesting organic quality as well as a high refinement and delicacy. Many of our tools and techniques are developedby the artist Gregg Hessel who is inspired by traditional techniques of metalworking as well as the desire to invent metalworking techniques for the future.

Hessel’s designs are produced in his studio about 30 miles north of San Francisco by several apprentices each having many years metalworking experience. Every piece is hand wrought, having it’s own eccentricities which adds to the beauty as well as the value. All are engraved on the underside of the base with the title of the design as well as stamped with the Hessel Studios stamp. Hessel’s designs look beautiful singly, pairedor in a grouping of different heights. We highly recommend using beeswax tapers. They have a slightly sticky surface that works well with our tapered openings.

The polished surface is maintained by using a good quality nonabrasive polishing compound with a soft cloth. Copper will darken to a warm rich color over time. Many people love to see the change and value this patina. Polishing compound will remove this patina but it can be maintained by buffing with a soft dry cloth to keep the surface clean. To remove dripped candle wax hold the area with the wax under the hottest tap water until the wax is soft enough to be wiped away with a soft cloth. Remove all moisture from the surface of the metal, water can spot and discolor copper. Never use anything sharp or abrasive on copper to remove wax.