#213 Three Amigos


Maker : Ellen Clancy

#213 Thre Amigos
Bird Mate Orange, Super Rad Temmoku, Kalamata Black Mate glazes.
Large: 13h x3.25d x4.75w Medium: 12h x3.5d x4.5w Smal: 9.5h x2.5d x3.75w

Slab built, 4piece construction oneach vessel. Surface textured with various metal tools. Glazes applied with adry brush technique. Clay body #266 stoneware, very dark brown.

My ceramic pieces are hand-built from brown, white, dark brown or speckled stoneware. All pieces are high fired to cone 6 and are functional and food safe, except where noted.

"Awake and asleep I dream in clay. I am a hand-builder. The expressiveness of clay leaves me breathless. The stoneware gives play to my emotions and mindful wanderings. It speaks eloquently whether burnished smooth or roughly incised. How magical it is that this pliable and responsive medium can permanently bear witness to the essence of that single experience of creating. 

My vessel forms sometimes take shape in my sketchbook, but more often come from an ongoing conversation with the clay. Building is very much an intuitive process for me, guided by the spirit of that moment in time and space. 

Bowl-shaped vessels hold a special fondness for me. They are comforting, organic and useful and so connected with our history of sustenance and sharing. 

My vessel forms and surface work often make use of juxtapositions-light/dark, black/white, textured/smooth, raw/glazed. I find this contrast intensifies each elements properties and results in a piece of stronger expressiveness and richness of form and surface." -Ellen Clancy