Alex Button Earring


Maker :: Naomi Tussi

13 MM

Deeply brushed sterling silver studs complement all Naomi styles and are perfect on their own. With higher-than-center posts and comfort disk...

 Naomi Jewelry — an American business and maker of timeless and versatile necklaces, bracelets, pendants and earrings. Designed and produced in New England, Naomi's work in bright sterling silver is deeply brushed for a signature, glittery effect. Each piece complements another making this unique collection perfect for women who delight in creating their own style.

I have always appreciated the power of jewelry. Even as a child I knew it was the Pop-It® beads that made my overalls come alive. What can I say? I was a five-year old with opinions. It was clear to me, even then, that nothing telegraphs personal style like well-chosen accessories. Today, I design pieces that are striking, elegant and distinctive. Much like the women who wear them.