by Mark Brennan

oil on paper; 11" x 10" outside dimensions

“I started this series as an experiment. They spring from the experience of standing before the ocean and being vividly aware of the limits of our imagination. Looking at the sky or the ocean is the closest we can come to apprehending infinity, something that expands outward indefinitely. Instead of trying to portray the ocean as vast and expansive, with no boundaries, I have converted it into its opposite, something small, solid and contained.” -Mark Brennan

Each piece is nestled in a strong wooden box, created with the help of master woodworker Robert Mason, to increase the tension between the expansive image of the ocean and its rigid container. Within that narrow theoretical framework, the work has developed into a meticulous study of the varied effects of wind, sun and cloud on the surface of the water. Each piece is named for a boat that has sunk in Cape Cod waters, paying tribute to the Cape’s rich, and sometimes tragic, maritime history.