Animated Nature


by Tracy W. Hambley

16" x 18"

Mixed media assemblage: Animal illustrations and prints taken from the book Animated Nature, other vintage animal/children’s books and encyclopedia, old game board, globe print from antique geography book, maps, assorted vintage miniatures and toys.

"I had an old book called Animated Nature sitting on my studio bookshelf for years without giving it a second thought. But one day while flipping through the pages searching for animal illustrations, the title suddenly inspired a rather interesting image in my brain. We all know that nature is inherently animated. But anthropomorphizing animals as we humans love to do, I imagined a group of animals in the wild trying to gain my attention by parading around with their “animated” personalities at full tilt. They would each try to outdo the other by performing their special hidden talents in an effort to stand out and be noticed in the vastness of nature. Not that these majestic creatures would ever have to work at getting noticed. I’m pretty sure insecurity issues and crying out for attention is exclusive only to human beings. Lucky us.

"Inspired by my love of writing and collecting, I use vintage, commonplace, and found items as narrative to explore a variety of themes. By juxtaposing these objects in my assemblages, my aim is to create whimsical visual vignettes using things we can see, to express ideas, memories, dreams and impulses we can't see. I hope to lure the viewer into a world that at first seems distantly familiar, but upon further inspection inspires them to make a personal connection based on their own memories and experiences." Tracy W. Hambley