As It Was


Maker :: Ed Chesnovitch

40" x 30"  

 Oil On Canvas

"The interaction of color, shape and pattern are the focus of my environment inspired paintings which evoke an underlying current of energy, captured at extreme and fleeting moments. My goal is not to convey a particular scene, but rather record the atmospheric conditions, envelope of light and the color mood of the scene that moves me. I am not a detached observer, but rather a participant expressing my profound feelings about the natural world around me. This spiritual connection and reverence to nature... and the wonder and beauty of the landscape fascinates me endlessly. I work in the mediums of oil, pastel and mixed media. The process of painting is what drives me, it's all about the process, not the outcome." -Ed Chesnovitch

Represented at Cove Road: 508-247-9172
and Commercial Street, Wellfleet : 508-349-9451