At Home


 by Julie Girardini

"All of my 'Habitat Houses' are one-of-a-kind. I love using the iconic shape of the house as a place of safety, a harbor where we dock each day. I also use lots of boats as for me they convey the opposite almost, the travel, the freedom, the need to explore beyond our known world, but always coming back.

The other exploration is the elements themselves. I allow myself no limitations as to what material might end up in these multi-media pieces. I will list some of my favorites so you can discover them too: Metal, patina, wire, copper, felt, silk, vellum, photo and image transfers, silk worm pods, linen, wax, ground pigments, toothpicks... the list goes on and on. I love the idea of no limitations in my creations. I love making them. I hope you love discovering them."

-Julie Girardini

Represented at West Main Street, Wellfleet: 508.349.7939