Bamboo Regular Scarf #2 Navy/Blue/ Lavender


Maker :: Hetty Friedman

Bamboo Regular Scarf #2 Navy/Blue/ Lavender

Length 71" x 8" Wide

Hand dyed this soft rayon fiber is hand washable, hypo-allergenic and easy to care for. The 6 colors meld together a create  a watercolor effect.
There are subtle ribbons woven into the warp to create surface interest. This will be your go-to piece for work/travel or play.

Hand washable and hand woven. Great for work, play, travel and other events. The fabric is hypoallergenic and super comfortable. Woven in a clean, smoke-free, pet-free environment. One size fits all. This is a very versatile piece. Perfect for any aesthetic. Great for wrapping around and being creative with ways to wear it!