Bay Leaf Dangle Earrings with Serpentine & Chrome Diopside


by: Viktoria Ciesiul

Jewelry by Viki was inspired by the two biggest passions in my life, my love of nature and my love of design. I have been creating handmade jewelry inspired by nature since 2005. Using the Architecture Degree I earned at  Cal Poly - San Luis Obispo I have a critical eye to discern unique color combinations and maintain a high quality of craftsmanship throughout my lines. I find design ideas in everything I see in my surroundings, leaves, rocks, rivers… Anything can inspire a new piece of jewelry!

I am proud to say that Jewelry by Viki is supporting the US economy and the environment. We purchase materials from US companies, use recycled metals, and produce our handmade jewelry in Portland, Oregon.

Jewelry Care

Over time and through daily wear, jewelry ultimately ages and tarnishes. In order to maintain your jewelry’s luster, we recommend storing your jewelry in an airtight container, such as a plastic baggie. To evade excessive tarnishing, be sure to avoid storing your pieces in extreme heat or humidity and always apply lotions or perfumes before putting on any jewelry. Remove your jewelry before showering or exercising to avoid damage.

Sterling silver and gold-filled pieces inevitably tarnish over time, but these metals can be polished back to their original shine using regular toothpaste and an old soft toothbrush. We recommend a soft brush as it effectively cleanses and polishes the ornate details on our wrapped and studded items more than a cloth would achieve. Simply brush a small amount of toothpaste onto the jewelry to create a light foam, and rinse thoroughly with warm water. Dry with a soft cotton cloth.

Bronze naturally tarnishes over time, but unlike silver and gold, we believe bronze behaves much like a fine wine and improves with age. We recommend that you actually avoid polishing bronze and instead enjoy the beauty of its natural aging process.