Beach Rose II


 by Elizabeth Noerdlinger

oil on panel

12" x 12"

"I was very fortunate to grow up spending summers on Cape Cod. My mother’s mother, Nanny, lived in East Orleans, as did her family before her, for many generations. There is a big field, a lone pear tree, relic of an orchard, and the old barn. My time spent wandering around the woods and fields there, and on the beaches and around the water is a deep part of my soul. My favorite view is of Pleasant Bay, from the field, with trees on either side like curtains, and the water as a stage. I often think of the work of the Harwich painter Charles D. Cahoon who painted scenes of Cape Cod in the early 1900’s. My grandparents bought a number of his paintings and commissioned him to do several murals for their home. I have always loved his quiet scenes of sandy roads, dunes and shorelines. Although I live and paint in Northern California, my landscape work seems always influenced by my memories and feelings about Cape Cod." 
- Elizabeth Noerdlinger
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