Bird's Eye View - giclee print

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Maker :  James Carter

Prints are 12" x 17"
Image size is 9" x 14" with a 1.5 " border. 
Prints mounted on foamcore and plastic sleeved.
Shipped flat


James Carter, the contemporary American artist, combines the dream images of surrealism with the techniques of superrealism to create still lifes with distinctly American roots. His acrylic airbrush paintings and his original prints give us a fresh view of familiar situations.

He likes to employ the underlying humor of the surreal. Like Magritte, Carter delights in juxtaposing unexpected objects. By placing real objects in abstract environments, James can make them dissolve, fade, float or move in any way he wishes. James emphasizes his subject matter by depicting it in a superreal style. The objects become icons or symbols.

In addition to studying at the Silvermine College of Art in New Canaan, Connecticut and the Maryland Institute of Art, James Carter considered becoming an architect. He found that working with line and form, however, was more important to him than creating buildings. His architectural training is evident in his clearly structured compositions, as well as in the use of architectural details in his work, including mantels and doorways, graph-like grids and crosshatchings as seen through surveyors' instruments.

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