Buckeye Panel in Soft Copper

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Maker:  Deborah Childress of BlindSpot Mirrors

6"w x12"h x 1/2"d

The steep hillside behind my parents' house was a favorite hiking spot. Typical California open grass with oaks and bays and vernal creeks in shady areas. After my father died we added rocks to a pile that grew steadily larger with the years. On those hikes we passed a stand of Buckeyes practically growing out of the rocks. The California Buckeye is a favorite tree for several reasons. The explosion of bright green leaves as early as February, the mottled gray branches, the shiny seeds and best of all how it loses its leaves on a completely different schedule from other trees.Blindspot Boxes are created entirely by hand using botanical themes. Each box is  individually cast using fiber-reinforced gypsum cement, then hand detailed and finished with four to six layers of metallic  pigment