Bulbous Ocean Blue- Small

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by Anne Gary Pottery

8.5" tall

Platter is slab built and altered to create a lily pad form. Each lily flower leaf is made separately and assembled to produce a bowl reminiscent of a lily flower. White crystalline glazed flower reflects in the glass glaze of the pad. Crystals grown in a precise, 14 hour firing cycle to create crystals which look like a lily pad themselves. Lily pad is 14". Pieces are both decorative and functional.


Crystalline glazes present an artistic wedding of chemistry and nature. Although difficult to produce, the rewards can be great. The process is as similar, delicate and unpredictable as making snowflakes or the frost on your winter window. Just as water vapor, under exactly the right conditions, becomes a snowflake (a crystal form of water), the glaze on these pots, when fired precisely, grows crystals. Chance and serendipity play a great part in crystalline-glazed compositions. Just as two snowflakes are not alike, no two crystalline pots are alike either.