Cairn Candlesticks


Maker :: Funky Rock Designs

Bring A Little Bit Of The Outdoors In

Our Cairn Candlesticks are handmade in our "Down East" Maine workshop with all-natural tumbled sea-stones stacked in a traditional cairn fashion by our team of craftsmen and will add light and brilliance to any living space.

Perfect pairs may have their appeal, but a little variety will always light up the room!

Our candlesticks are built to be matching pairs as best that we can. The base rock of each candlestick is the same stone cut in half, then each subsequent stacked stone selected is chosen of similar shape, size and color to the other and lastly as near as possible to match the top stones to complete the pairs. Please note that when ordering you have the option to choose a single candlestick or a pair of candlesticks.

They are all about 7" tall, and accommodate standard tapered candles. The natural colors and variations of the stones make these candlesticks truly one-of-a-kind. 

Candle not included.

Stones may vary slightly in shape, size, and color and may not be as shown.