Cape Cod Memory #29


Maker : Michele Dangelo

oil on canvas

8" x 8" canvas size

9.5" x 9.5" framed size

Michele Dangelo, a Cape Cod resident, left a business career to pursue art in 1990. Primarily self-taught, she has spent little time in classes, preferring to look and experiment.

These color-infused landscapes of the subconscious mirror the physical world, and each unique piece suggests an individual mood.  The images are both serious and fun conveying ideas of security, retreat, journey, familiarity, and unattainability.

The painting may be situated anywhere and no-where; there are no people, because their presence would instigate a tale, and these images are wordless.

I manipulate oil paint onto the canvas with a palette knife, spreading and scratching, using a variety of cloths  (cotton, linen, cashmere) to achieve the unique painterly surface from which familiar forms emerge.  Fearless with color, I strive to create a bridge between the known and unknown.

Michele Dangelo