Stone Clam Shucker


Maker :: Funky Rock Designs

On The Half Shell

Our Stone Clam Shucker is a premium utensil that allows you to prepare your shellfish with ease. Made with a natural, ergonomic beach stone handle and fitted with a stainless steel blade and guard. Perfect for summer gatherings and dinner parties.

This nature-inspired Stone Clam Shucker boasts a stainless-steel and is the perfect tool for opening your favorite mollusks.

  • Crafted of durable stainless steel.
  • Ergonomically selected and naturally smoothed stones.
  • Opens hard shell clams, cherrystones, and oysters with ease.
  • Built in finger guard.
  • Sharp point to penetrate the clam hinge.
  • Coordinates nicely with our Stone Oyster Knife.

A wonderful gift for the seafood lovers in your life!