Classic Round Cherry Bowl 18"

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by Peterman's Boards & Bowls

18” Extra-Large Display Bowl/Art-piece   (18” x 6” )   Serves 8-20 people

Servers sold separately .

Our cherry bowls fit into a lifestyle that is modern, rustic or simple and clean.

The cherry tree has grown wild throughout New England since the 1600s.  Cherry is a luxury hardwood with rich warm colors and a smooth satiny grain.  Cherry wood is a symbol of spring, love and renewal. 

Our bowls are sustainably sourced, upcycled, and handcrafted in New England.  Our cherry nesting bowls range in size from 10” to 21”, and are a classic round shape with a clean edge. 

Sustainably Sourced and Upcycled

Finish, size and color may vary

100% food safe

Handcrafted in Massachusetts