Reigning Cats And Dogs Earrings


Maker :: Chickenscratch

Not everybody recognizes royalty puns as a noble pursuit, but we think they rule! These whimsical mismatched earrings feature a nickel silver cat with a gold leaf brass crown and a brass dog with a silver leaf brass crown dangling from gold fill ear wires.


  • Materials: Brass, nickel silver, gold fill, gold leaf, enamel
  • Measurements: Approximately 1 3/8in H x 5/8in W x 1/8in D
  • Cat earring is made of nickel silver with crown made of gold leaf over brass
  • Dog earring is made of brass with crown made of silver leaf over brass
  • Enamel paint accents
  • Gold fill ear wires
  • Intentional asymmetry for an eye-catching look
  • Whimsical and punny!
  • Handmade by a small independent artist

Chickenscratch is a studio jewelry company founded in 1988 by the husband and wife team of Lisa and Scott Cylinder. 

Most Chickenscratch jewelry is made from base metals (brass, copper, nickel silver and sterling silver) sheet and wire that is hand cut and manipulated, mixed with various plastics and found objects. Each piece has been joined with silver solder for strength and durability.