Elegance Jewelry Box Walnut/ Curly Maple


Maker ::  Mikutowski Woodworking 

Why Elegance?
The Elegance jewelry box is one of the most loved jewelry boxes loved by customers. It stands out with its restrained beauty and graceful lines. The box is designed with great attention to detail, making it an attractive choice for anyone looking for a large jewelry box.

Self-rising Tray:
One feature that makes the Elegance jewelry box stand out is its self-rising tray. As you open the lid, the tray rises automatically. This tray is designed to hold rings, earrings, and watches, making it easy to access and store your everyday jewelry items.

Necklace and Bracelet Storage:
The Elegance jewelry box also provides ample space to store necklaces and bracelets. The box features hand-polished brass necklace hooks and soft fabric pouches to neatly and securely store your necklaces and bracelets. This ensures that your jewelry items do not get tangled or damaged.

Handmade Dividers:
To keep your jewelry organized, the Elegance jewelry box comes with handmade dividers. These dividers help to keep your jewelry neatly arranged, preventing it from getting mixed up. The dividers are also handcrafted to match the box's overall design, adding to its beauty.

Handmade Wenge Feet, Corner Splines, and Lid Handle:
The Elegance jewelry box features handmade Wenge feet, corner splines, and a lid handle. These accents further enhance the box's overall appearance, giving it a unique and elegant look. The handmade accents also add to the box's durability, ensuring that it lasts for a long time.

The Elegance jewelry box is made of handpicked solid hardwood with a veneer hardwood lid. This ensures that the box is strong and durable, capable of withstanding the rigors of everyday use. The choice of materials also adds to the box's beauty, giving it a natural and elegant look.

Why Wait:
The Elegance jewelry box is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a large jewelry box that is both beautiful and functional. Mikutowski Woodworking is a small family-run business based in the USA, and we take pride in our quality and stand behind our products.