Aqua Passage I


 Maker :: Charlotte Foust


Acrylic On Canvas

gallery wrap no frame

As an only child born to creative parents (her mother sewed and her father painted realistic oils), Charlotte Foust developed a keen imagination and a desire to connect with others through self-expression. She is attracted to the ability of art to be both a highly charged internal process and a medium for sharing the resulting energy with strangers.

Known for her love of texture and color, Foust’s heightened tactile sense allows her to trust a line or brushstroke to guide the direction of the work. As a result, both her abstract and figurative work lend themselves to both decorative and emotional impact.

Foust tends to work in cycles. She will often work on a series of paintings until completion and then take a brief sabbatical.

Early in her art career Foust was awarded a Regional Artist Grant for Emerging Artists. Her mixed media abstract and figurative paintings have won both awards and collectors alike. Foust holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.