Bangle Braclet 200


Maker :: Ann D. Kearney

Bangle Bracelet

Forged interlocking halves which lock together for a looser more flexible feeling bangle bracelet.

I knew I had found my artistic home when I was first introduced to metal smithing during my college years. I transferred to the State University of New York at New Paltz because of its  nationally recognized metals program and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Gold and Silversmithing.

Degree in hand, I moved to Albany, New York, and started a handcrafted jewelry business which I continued successfully over the next decade. I then became the sole designer for a jewelry manufacturing company, but my craftsman’s heart became restless and I returned to my own business in  2002 . I now  live and work in the small town of Cambridge, New York—my work home being the original Cambridge Post Office where I operate Ten Gallery and have my studio workspace.

I truly enjoy working with precious metals and stones, incorporating elegant elemental forms into functional and feminine jewelry. All of the jewelry is handmade in my studio using the finest workmanship and the highest quality materials. My hope is that women delight in wearing the pieces I make as much as I delight in making them.