Distance and Observation #28


 by Graceann Warn

encaustic assemblage
11.5" x 11.5"

"I continue to work with the themes that have forever moved me - chance, magic, travel, the cosmos and science. Science is showing up a little more these days as I find myself pondering our collective future. I am inspired by science and the quest for discovery. I rejoice in intellectual curiosity. I am strangely comforted by knowing that certain things are un-quantifiable."
 - Graceann Warn

About Encaustic:
Encaustic is an ancient medium in which beeswax is melted and combined with dry pigment and varnish. It is applied to a ground while in its molten state and as it cools, it dries as a hard, permanent surface. I have long been attracted to encaustic because of the interesting surface textures I can achieve with it as well as its compatibility with oils and collage. There is an immediacy to the look and an unmistakable presence of the artist in the surface.

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