Doll Face


by Tracy W. Hambley

11" x 13"

Mixed media assemblage: Antique cabinet card with photographers’ studio advertising, antique bisque doll head, and pearl necklace.

"Most of the people who had their photos taken in the early days of photography rarely ever smiled. There are several explanations: they had bad teeth, they couldn’t hold a smile because it took so long to capture a photo, or because a grin was associated with madness. What if these old photos could come to life? What do you think this Dollface would say?

"Inspired by my love of writing and collecting, I use vintage, commonplace, and found items as narrative to explore a variety of themes. By juxtaposing these objects in my assemblages, my aim is to create whimsical visual vignettes using things we can see, to express ideas, memories, dreams and impulses we can't see. I hope to lure the viewer into a world that at first seems distantly familiar, but upon further inspection inspires them to make a personal connection based on their own memories and experiences." Tracy W. Hambley