Eight Oysters Celedon


by Nancy Nicol

11" x 20.5" framed in a distress driftwood frame

 oil on canvas

Nancy Nicol is an established artist who prefers textured surface treatment and direct application with oil bars, palette knives and spatulas. Painting Cape Cod since childhood, her favorite subject matter includes old doorways, kettle ponds and wetlands as well as sea life. Bivalves hold a certain fascination, particularly oyster shells in relationship with each other, often seeming to converse. Their colors, deep purple almost black to the whitest of white, surface detail, dangerously sharp edges and an occasional natural pearl add to the intrigue. Besides oil painting, Nicol creates abstract cartography and most recently, lithography. Her work is found in collections Coast to Coast. She is a member of the Arts Foundation of Cape Cod, Provincetown Art Association and Museum, the Organization of Independent Artists, New York, and the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. Nancy Nicol owned Gallery 5 in the heart of Wellfleet for fourteen years before launching an on-line store www.nancynicolart.com.

Three of Nancy Nicol’s short stories were published in Roll, Telling Our Stories Press, 2012, and in Reflections, a collection on Ultra Short narratives, 2015. An example of her printing technique was included in Sarah Riley’s Practical Mixed-Media Printmaking Techniques, A & C Black Publishers, London. She has been a featured artist on Cape Women Online Magazine.