Green Sapphire Necklace

$3,200.00 $1,600.00

by Mary Anne Richman

17" length  with 1 3/4 " pendant

Green Sapphire Necklace with Abalone Pearls, 22k gold bezel, 18K gold beads, 14K gold toggle

Mary Anne has traveled extensively through Africa, Europe, and North America, and the influences of many cultures have aroused a primitive feeling in her work. She is inspired by organic images and the tactile qualities of her materials and processes.

Balance is the key to Mary Anne's pieces. The balance of color, shape - both amorphic and asymmetric, the balance of textures - both natural and mechanical, and the balance of media - including 22 karat gold, fresh water pearls, and semi-precious stones, all find a sense of balance and fusion in her composed pieces.