Green Water


 There's a Swedish folk tale called Princess Cottongrass. The little princess has wild wispy blonde hair like a common wild flower that grows in the far north. She falls in love with a moose and loses a heart on a gold chain, and she spends so much time looking into the water at the gold heart that she turns into the wildflower. You know, a standard Swedish folktale...  

by Carol Aust

acrylic on board

18" x 48"

Carol Aust works in acrylic on canvas and wood panels from her studio in Oakland, California. Her figurative paintings are emotionally-charged narrative fragments infused with mysterious tension and secrecy. She often places her figures in precarious environments where anything could happen.

Sometimes celebratory, sometimes lonely and disturbing, her paintings express a wide range of human desire and yearning. Aust’s work consistently features strong and vibrant colors along with figures that are both engaging and vulnerable.

Carol Aust is represented at Commercial Street: 508.349.9451