A Hint of Yellow

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MAKER :  Linda  Cordner


Acrylic and mixed media on cradled birch board.

These new paintings follow my process of translucent layers that capture the feeling of landscape. Saturated colors and bold mark making are used to hint of a place but push it further into abstraction - like an imagined path.


My work for the past decade has been about abstracted landscape, depicted in ethereal translucent layers that capture the mood of a place. These new paintings follow that process of capturing the feeling of the landscape in a more activated way. Saturated colors and bold mark making are used to hint at a place but lead it further into abstraction. Colors are pushed beyond those found in nature. This work depicts my connection to the earth, the air, the ocean and my own personal take on it.

Linda Cordner was raised in Connecticut and received a Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Connecticut with concentrations in Graphic Design and Painting. She also spent a semester studying in London. An early interest in art lead her to choose this path without hesitation. After college she settled in Boston and has explored many areas of art and design throughout her career.