Indian Neck 2


Maker :: Andrew Geller

Print Size : 26" x 18.5"

digital print using archival pigment inks

The outer Cape, particularly Wellfleet, is a place I have been coming to for over six decades. Its serenity, beauty, fierceness, and fragility have captivated and moved me.

A photograph can be a literal presentation of a location. It can also be a window into a more imaginative reality touched by meaning, mystery and mood. Taking and then creating these images open that window for me, 

I hope that some of my photographs speaks to you, elicit some emotional response — perhaps even your own memories — and invite you to pause, reflect and expand your appreciation of the world around and in front of you. 

I shoot digitally and do my own printing using archival pigment inks. I believe that viewing an image digitally is no substitute for holding a print in your hands.