Kaboom Earrings


Maker :: Chickenscratch

 A brand new design this year, the KABOOM earrings are quite  a blast!!!  The blackened explosive is a 3-D hand fabricated drop in brass with a twisted nickel silver wick. They swing from a 24ky plated sparks that have surgical steel posts and comfort clutch earring backs. Light weight and super fun and perfect for the person in your life who is the b*mb!!! So much fun to see and wear!

2 x 0.5”ea.

Chickenscratch is a studio jewelry company founded in 1988 by the husband and wife team of Lisa and Scott Cylinder. 

Most Chickenscratch jewelry is made from base metals (brass, copper, nickel silver and sterling silver) sheet and wire that is hand cut and manipulated, mixed with various plastics and found objects. Each piece has been joined with silver solder for strength and durability.