Large bowl with blue glaze and chickadees/ wavy rim


Maker :: Jen Stein Studio

14" diameter, 4" deep

The bas-relief patterns on my pots are made by impressing textures into the clay with a 'roulette' - a doughnut shaped porcelain stamp.

After choosing a theme, I carve around the outside wall of the 'doughnut' until the ends meet. The sculpting of a roulette is done in reverse: all surfaces meant to protrude must be carved deep into the clay, and the left and right sides of the image must be flipped - a mental puzzle I thoroughly enjoy.

After the roulette has been fired in the kiln, I slowly press the moist porcelain of a freshly thrown pot into the textures of the roulette, revealing the design. Once the pot has been fired, I brush a brown stain over the textures, wipe the stain from the surface to highlight the details, and for some patterns I hand-paint the images with multiple colors.
As soon as the painting is complete, I apply several layers of food-safe glazes. The pot goes into the kiln for a final firing and is at last ready to be enjoyed.